>Obviously everyone learns differently so really you just have to experiment with what works best for you as has been said many times before but I can give my personal experience if it’s helpful to anyone. It takes to write them but it also takes time to scour through many resources. Spending the least amount of time to cover the information is important.


  • Some forms of parody religion or fiction-based religion like Jediism, Pastafarianism, Dudeism, „Tolkien religion”, and others often develop their own writings, traditions, and cultural expressions, and end up behaving like traditional religions.
  • Furthermore, the term is frequently used interchangeably with „guided imagery” and sometimes with „creative visualization” in popular psychology and self-help literature.
  • In many cultures, such as Hindu and Muslim, water is used for anal cleansing after defecation, either in addition to using toilet paper or exclusively.
  • For instance, while monks meditate as part of their everyday lives, they also engage the codified rules and live together in monasteries in specific cultural settings that go along with their meditative practices.
  • From the perspective of African-American music, the „habanera rhythm” (also known as „congo”), „tango-congo”, or tango.
  • After 1 complete semester and a good way through the second one, here is what I have learned as the best notetaking strategies for law school.

Flashcards should NOT just be a summary of points — that’s bad note taking advice. Writing lists of bullet points on your cards and then carrying them around with you may feel productive but you could be using your time much more effectively. As you know, re-reading is a passive activity so, instead, focus on active revision techniques that involve testing your knowledge. It’s pretty much impossible to write down everything you hear in class.

Morphological Classification

Eckankar is a pantheistic religion with the purpose of making God an everyday reality in one’s life. Folk religions are often omitted as a category in surveys even in countries where they are widely practiced, e.g. in China. Other denominations of Islam include Nation of Islam, Ibadi, Sufism, Quranism, Mahdavia, and non-denominational Muslims. Wahhabism is the dominant Muslim schools of thought in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Protestantism, separated from the Catholic Church in the 16th-century Protestant Reformation and is split into thousands of denominations. Major branches of Protestantism include Anglicanism, Baptists, Calvinism, Lutheranism, and Methodism, though each of these contain many different denominations or groups.

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In both cases, taking notes gets in the way of that level of cognitive engagement with the materials at hand. Writing out notes commands focus on individual points rather than overarching themes. We now have an active Facebook group where we discuss problems with goal clarity, productivity, time management, and decision making. If you want to ask me a direct question, share your experience, or learn from each other, do join the group.

Humans expel feces with a frequency varying from a few times daily to a few times weekly. Waves of muscular contraction in the walls of the colon move fecal matter through the digestive tract towards the rectum. Undigested food may also be expelled this way, in a process called egestion. When birds defecate, they also expel urine and urates in the same mass, whereas other animals may also urinate at the same time, but spatially separated. Babies defecate a unique substance called meconium prior to eating external foods. Thus due to so many benefits of taking notes, currently you have note-taking apps and software.

Clinical Linguistics

These included Buddy Bolden and Jelly Roll Morton in addition to those from other communities, such as Lorenzo Tio and Alcide Nunez. Louis Armstrong started his career in Storyville and found success in Chicago. In early Dixieland, a.k.a. New Orleans jazz, performers took turns playing melodies and improvising countermelodies. In the swing era of the 1920s–’40s, big bands relied more on arrangements which were written or learned by ear and memorized.

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The generative versus evolutionary approach are sometimes called formalism and functionalism, respectively. This reference is however different from the use of the terms in human sciences. Approaches such as cognitive linguistics and generative grammar study linguistic cognition with a view towards uncovering the biological underpinnings of language. In Generative Grammar, these underpinning are understood as including innate domain-specific grammatical knowledge.

A quick way to make sure you have a grasp on material after reading it is to make yourself a little test. Then without looking at the slides, type or write out the essential point or summary of what you just learned, bullet point out all the main subjects, and relevant details. Then, go back to the slides and see if there’s anything big you missed or something you don’t understand.

Sri Lanka ranks first among southeast Asian countries with respect to deaths by suicide, with 33 deaths per 100,000 persons. Religion plays a prominent role in the life and culture of Sri Lankans. The Buddhist majority observe Poya Days each month according to the Lunar calendar, and Hindus and Muslims also observe their own holidays. In a 2008 Gallup poll, Sri Lanka was ranked the third most religious country in the world, with 99% of Sri Lankans saying religion was an important part of their daily life. Although Hindus in Sri Lanka a religious minority, Hinduism has been present in Sri Lanka at least since the 2nd century BCE. Hinduism was the dominant religion in Sri Lanka before the arrival of Buddhism in the 3rd century BCE.