However, these requirements can change at any time, advertise accommodation for free so be sure to check with the Canadian border services agency for updates. If you’re driving or skiing in Canada, you should consider buying travel insurance. In addition to valid identification, travellers must also have a valid visa or passport.

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  • U.S. citizens in the FAST program can use their cards when arriving by land and sea only.
  • (Image by Evgenia Parajanian/ you want to expedite your entry back into the U.S., you can also get Global Entry.
  • Canadian travelers shouldn’t restrict their caution to Air Canada.
  • You can also have someone submit your travel information on your behalf.

However, they must meet minimum travel requirements and abide by the travel restrictions. Most visitors entering Canada first need to acquire a tourist visa to enter and travel across the country. Children traveling with their parents will be exempted from mandatory testing and quarantine, if they have the proper documentation. Unvaccinated children may also provide a negative test in lieu of vaccination. For further information on travel requirements, consult the government’s website. To avoid quarantine, you must complete the ArriveCAN form at least 72 hours before your flight.

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In the wintertime, check for signs or ask locals about ice on lakes and waterways. Even if ice looks safe to walk on, you have no idea how thick it is. It’s a common practice and you’ll find them at airports and in many of the larger centres and even smaller towns have a rental a car depot for pick-up and drop-off. If you want to rent a car in Canada, you cancompare rental car prices across companies in Canada here. As such, neighbourhoods outside of cities sprawl for ages and ages. Between towns outside the cities, there can be vast expanses of farmland, forest, or other landscape.

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Now that everything is out of the way and you are in Canada, you need to know how long you can stay in the country. US citizens can stay in Canada for as long as 6 months visa-free. Travelers entering Canada on cruise ships must consult their tour operators on ArriveCAN use or visit the page here.

Full details and downloadable forms are available at the Canadian Firearms Program website. They may take place in response to political or economic issues, on politically significant holidays, and during international events. A foreign national travelling to Canada for compassionate reasons such as attending a funeral or providing care to an elderly person residing in Canada. A COPR-holder with a valid COPR who is residing in the United States and was approved on any date and who is travelling to Canada to settle permanently.

If you’re a parent, you’ll need to make sure your child is fully immunized. If your child isn’t fully vaccinated, the Canadian government requires them to wear a well-constructed mask in public areas for 14 days after entering the country. This policy helps ensure that your child is not exposed to any harmful viruses or bacteria. If your child is under the age of eight, you’ll need to make sure they’ve taken their vaccinations.

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As a visitor, you can bring certain goods into Canada for your own use as personal baggage. Personal baggage includes clothing, camping and sports equipment, cameras and personal computers. This also includes your mode of transportation, including vehicles, private boats and aircraft. All visitors arriving from or transiting through the United States should visit the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website for information concerning the requirements to enter, transit through, or return to the United States. (Image by Evgenia Parajanian/ you want to expedite your entry back into the U.S., you can also get Global Entry.

You may be denied boarding on your flight if you fail to submit this information. You should also check the health conditions of Canadian citizens when travelling to other countries. Take into consideration your overall health status, vaccination status, and the potential for getting the COVID-19 virus abroad. Keep in mind that travel restrictions can change without advance notice, and the destination country may also impose additional requirements.