As the title suggests, this channel is regularly updated with videos dedicated to chemistry. Even though chemistry and I are located at the opposite corners of the Universe, I could still understand something when watching videos here. I guess it is a good sign, and for all the enthusiasts of chemistry, this channel will be fun to watch. Not really educational , this channel is a great collection of videos about lots of aspects of modern life, highlighted in a way perfectly suitable for kids. With so many educational YouTube channels out there for you to choose from, you now have a greater opportunity than ever before to learn important lessons in an engaging, enjoyable, and interactive way. Since June 14, 2007, this channel has shown students a variety of interesting science experiments.


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  • But they’re still not as good as DSLRs, and they probably never will be.
  • Follow the recipe, set it out of the way, and watch it ferment for anywhere between one and four weeks before bottling and refrigerating it.
  • The research also debunked the idea that people’s personalities “set like plaster” by age 30 and cannot be changed.
  • As chairman of the Karolinska International Research and Training Committee (1998–2004), he started health research collaborations with universities in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.
  • Her passion is getting fellow Christians to understand the importance of reading and studying God’s Word on a daily basis.
  • In these videos, learners can see options for studying English by focusing on a specific activity like watching TV shows, listening to podcasts, watching the news or watching classic American films.

Heleen from Study vibes frequently streams live study with me’s. This means that she recordes herself while studying live and you can watch this and study along. Having a study buddy can work very motivating to start and keep studying yourself. Heleen is a very hardworking student and her study livestreams are usually between 8 and 10 hours. Study with me livestreams have been an increasing trend over the last few years, but she was the first person to actually start it. Nowadays, many students have been recording themselves while studying, but my favorite live study with me is still Study Vibes.

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Some participants went on to become successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and others ended up as schizophrenics or alcoholics, but not on inevitable tracks. Get scheduling, promotion and marketing tools all in one place for your entire team. This becomes your benchmark to measure your channel by each month. As with all marketing, you need to track your YouTube analytics at least monthly. Use YouTube’s built-in reports to see what your audience is watching, what they like the most, where your traffic is coming from and more.

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Most YouTube ads are videos but you can also place banner ads, either in videos or on the website. You can also make your video ads either skippable after 5 seconds, or unskippable. You can even add translated versions of your captions to better serve a multilingual audience or earn more international views. Engage with your audience.For example, mention how audience questions inspired the current video. Plus, if you’re competitive like me, the desire to crush their numbers will motivate you to keep going with your channel, even if growth is slow at first.

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Release of dopamine which can relax a person and make studying more pleasurable in general. Although millions of people visit Brandon’s blog each month, his path to success was not easy. Go here to read his incredible story, „From Disabled and $500k in Debt to a Pro Blogger with 5 Million Monthly Visitors.” If you want to send Brandon a quick message, then visit his contact page here. The pros and cons of YouTube in Education show that it can be an especially meaningful way to connect with students. As long as the negatives are managed in an effective way, there are many positive outcomes that can be obtained. And some of those advertisements can be very lengthy without an option to skip them.

Thus, we propose that there is an association between the function of MAP4K4 and production of IE2-60. It is interesting to note that use of either siRNA or different compounds had different effects on production of IE2-86 and IE2-40. We propose that this may be due to different off-target effects or lack of potency of the siRNA and compounds we have used. IE2-60 and IE2-40 are not essential for HCMV replication, but their expression is required for optimal HCMV replication . Therefore, it is perhaps to be expected that loss of either IE2-60 or IE2-40 did not lead to a drastic reduction in HCMV replication.

You can even create online assignments based on this, for instance by asking your learners to describe in a few words what they have just seen on a video in a specific time frame.It enhances comprehension of complex concepts. They can also be particularly entertaining and re-watched as many times as your learners wish. The only thing you should pay attention to is ensuring that the videos you are using are aligned with your expected learning outcomes and are appropriate for your eLearning audience. In this article, I’ll share 8 reasons why you should use YouTube in eLearning, so that you can make sure that including it in your eLearning course can truly enhance your audience’s eLearning experience. BrainPOP publishes animated content and games to support learning in traditional, blended, and flipped classroom settings. Some of their most popular videos guide students in learning about plate tectonics, media literacy, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Famous for cutting everyday items in half to see what’s inside, the aptly-named channel created a series of videos for Nike to promote a new shoe. YouTube is a search engine so you’ll need to optimize your content for the YouTube algorithm, just like you do for Google SEO. This app allows for multiple mind maps on one page, various list structures that are perfect for brainstorming ideas, and a virtually unlimited number of elements. You can also add images, voice memos, and videos to your mind map, helping you brainstorm in a variety of ways. This must-have app lets you count down to important dates, exams, homework deadlines, and more!

The community surrounding these YouTube accounts is very supportive and motivational. Other popular videos with similar themes include study and note taking tips, stationary hauls, focus techniques, memorization tips, as well as organizational and productivity tips. Adding YouTube videos to your eLearning course is an easy task, due to the variety of authoring tools and learning management systems out there. You can use YouTube videos to introduce a topic, explain an online activity, motivate your learners, or simply extend the information conveyed by your eLearning course. Khan Academy provides free, interactive articles, videos, and practice problems for students learning STEM, mathematics, physics, history, grammar, biology, economics, chemistry, finance, and other topics.